Free E-book: Filling Your Design Toolkit

Best Free Design Resources Ebook

Everyone is a designer, whether they know it or not.

You are a designer! Yes, you. How do I know? Because we all make design decisions every day. From design jobs like multimedia projects all the way down to the common task of sending email, people are interacting with things you design.

Granted you may not be designing them consciously but you are still designing them none the less. Maybe it is time to put some thought into how you craft your emails?

If you’re designing intentionally, you’ll need some things to help you design: photos, fonts, icons, etc. When searching for design assets, it is easy to find plenty of options. The challenge is finding the best ones, without spending all day dealing with frustrating dead ends, broken links, and other hurdles.

To save you time, money, and a bit of your sanity, I’ve collected my favorites into this e-book:

Filling Your Design Toolkit: Premium Assets on a Shoestring Budget


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Download a copy for yourself or share with your friends and colleagues.

Published by Mike Taylor

Born with a life-long passion for learning, I have the great fortune to work at the intersection of learning, design, technology & collaboration.

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