Friday Finds | February 9, 2018

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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

As we continue our slog through winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, my family took advantage of a snow day to get a nice day out on the ski slopes. Wherever you are I hope you’ll find something you can take advantage of in the things I’ve got to share with you this week.

Beyond the Next Button

Check out the Elearning Guild’s latest (and free) e-book, Beyond the Next Button to see how you can take advantage of what is out there, challenge how your eLearning is structured, and enhance your digital learning experiences.

Do you want to really involve learners?

I agree (as usual) with Cathy Moore (@CatMoore) when she says that the first step for involving learners with your online course is to pull the plug on this: “First, present the basic concepts. Next, tell them the details. Then, show them what to do. Finally, have them do it.” Head on over there to learn more about what to do instead.

Convert a YouTube Video into a GIF

I’ve been using animated GIFs for a loooong time. They work great in slides, emails, and almost any place you use images. You can make a GIF from a video on YouTube by adding the word ‘gif’ before the domain name and you’ll be sent to where you can edit the length, crop the frame, add captions, stickers, and much more!

Fill a Horizontal Slide with a Vertical Image | #TechTuesday

Virtually everyone who has ever built a slide has faced this dilemma at some point. How to fill a horizontal slide with a vertical image. This is a trick is so good and easy that there is no reason for you not to add it to your repertoire!

My New Favorite Windows 10 Shortcut

This is my new favorite keyboard shortcut. Super fast & easy screenshots direct to your clipboard – no software required!

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