Interactive Video the Easy Way with Vizia

Interactive video the easy way with Vizia

A couple weeks ago I shared some info about how Vimsy can help you improve the curation of online videos. As we learned, Vimsy has some nice features including the ability for access control and providing some useful insights via enhanced analytics.

But what do you do when you want to add some interactive elements like questions, quizzes, polls, and links?

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution…Vizia makes is easy to transform passive viewers into active participants.

Vizia lets you create interactions at specific points in any public YouTube or Wisitia videos where viewers can engage directly with your content. Here’s what you can do with Vizia.

  • Add quizzes – embed quizzes at specific moments in a video
  • Add polls – get feedback during a video
  • Add short answer responses – ask an open-ended question during a video
  • Add supplemental information
  • Add links to additional information
  • Capture email addresses – collect email addresses from viewers

Here’s how it works…

  1. With a free Vizia account, all you need to get started is the link to the video you want to work with. Simply click New Video then paste the video link and click the Continue button.
  2. Now, you’re ready to start adding elements by clicking on the timeline at the speific time you want to add the interactivity. After clicking the timeline you can choose from Quiz, Poll, Repsponse or Call to Action.
  3. When you’re finished adding all your interactive elements, you’ll want to take a look at the sharing options on the right and determine whether or not you want to collect the email addresses of anyone who views this video.

There are so many ways you can use these interactive features. They work great for flipped classroom scenarios, pre- or post-conference session or training workshop and much, much more.

You can see it in action here:


What about you? Are you already doing this? If so, how? What ideas do you have for using this type of interactivity in online videos?

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