A Better Way to Curate Training Videos With Vimsy

A Better Way to Curate Training Videos With Vimsy

Curating a collection of videos for learning purposes is part of many L&D professionals toolkit. While video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia can be a rich source of valuable content, you don’t have many good options for organizing them, virtually no control over access (unless they’re yours) and no way to know who is watching what, for how long. Enter Vimsy.

Vimsy is a service that lets you create a portal for your training videos. Imagine all of your training videos together in one place — nice and easy to find with valuable insights into who’s watching what, when and for how long.

Organize & Enhance

While simply bringing relevant videos together in one place is a good start, there’s more. Vimsy will also enable you to supplement your videos by adding Chapters and Resources. Chapters let your viewers jump between predetermined sections of your videos and avoid the painful, time-consuming process of finding exactly the right clips you want them to see. Resources allow you to attach documents, like Office files and PDFs, to your videos for viewers to download. Now we’re really getting somewhere, right!?

Access & Analytics

If these videos are already available online, why would you want to manage access to them? Beyond keeping certain videos private, by managing access via Vimsy you’ll also be able to track who is watching what and get access to analytics about how they are watching.

You can get started for free without needing a credit card and no downloads required. Like many services, Vimsy is run on a freemium model. The free version gives you up to 150 videos with up to 1 document each. Paid accounts add features like additional documents per video, support for custom domains, the ability ‘white-label’ the interface and more.

Check out these examples to see how it works:

Are you using curated videos? How are you using them? What are your biggest challenges?

Check back next week when we’ll look at another option for adding interactive elements to these same types of online videos.

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