Friday Finds | February 16, 2018

“Learning and leadership are indispensable to each other” – John F. Kennedy

I hope you were able to share some time during this Valentine ♥ week, with someone who puts big drops in your bucket.  I also hope you’ll find some valuable drops in this week’s roundup of my best finds from learning, design, technology and social media. ♥

Designing for Human Memory


Attention is closely linked with working and short-term memory. This article by Martin Jancik (@MartinJancik),  takes a look at the entire human memory system. He talks about how it works and how to design interfaces that eliminate confusion and how to lower the cognitive effort users need to make. Good stuff.

Will Thalheimer’s Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model


Will Thalheimer (@WillWorkLearn) has introduced a new learning-evaluation model, the Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model (LTEM). Check out the one-page model and the associated report for all the valuable details.

Pigment by ShapeFactory


If you ever need some quick and easy colors, Pigment takes the guesswork out of tints, tones and lighting differences for colors. Make adjustments on the screen for different colors and then grab the swatches for projects. Beware! There are so many cool features to explore you just might lose track of time. Be sure to try Duotone and Gradients.

Add Interactivity to Online Videos with Vizia

Interactive video the easy way with Vizia

Online videos are a common part of many learning programs. If you ever want to take them up a notch by adding some interactive elements like questions, quizzes, polls, and links, check out Vizia. Vizia is a dead simple solution that makes is easy to transform passive viewers into active participants.

Training Magazine Conference Backchannel

Peek in on some of the Training 2018 conference happenings from Atlanta this week.

Learning & the Brain Conference Backchannel

Learning & the Brain connects educators to the latest research in the science of learning and its potential application to education. Check out some of the things floating around in the backchannel of their Science of Innovation conference which is happening this week.

What Marketing Knows About the Lizard Brain & Why You Should Steal It


Marketers Know About the Lizard Brain. Do you? If not, you should!  I’ll be talking about this on a Central Ohio ATD ( @centralohioatd ) webinar next week on Feb 22nd

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