Friday Finds | December 8, 2017

During a recent trail run, it dawned on me that this weekly roundup could be even better if the people reading it could contribute. So if you uncover something you think is worth sharing, send it my way. I’ve added a submission form at the bottom of this post.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
                                                             ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Science of Learning 101: When to Build Performance Support

Which is better? Training or performance support. Patti Shank (@pattishank)shares what the research says about the factors to consider when making your decision. Jump over to her post on the new ATD website and join the discussion of when and why performance support is needed and how performance support and training target different aspects of performance. And this is just part 1 – there’s more great stuff from Patti on the horizon! (as always)

How Lifelong Learning and a Growth Mindset Can Propel Your Career

Since you’re here reading this, you probably aren’t someone who believes that your learning days ended when you got your degree or even if you’re already in your dream job. Especially these days as technologies and business models are changing so fast.

“The pace of change is accelerating, and to succeed in any industry, and to be ready to participate in the next evolution of it, professionals must adopt habits and practices that empower lifelong learning.”

How to not suck at design, a 5-minute guide for the non-designer.

In this post, Mark Hemeon (@hemeon) shares some key design principles that anyone can learn and apply to their work. (Everyone is a designer. Most people just don’t realize it.) Definitely worth a few minutes for a basic knowledge of practical design tips you can start using today (and impress your design friends).

Almost black is easier to read than black.

Ten Tips on Typography

If those 5 minutes of design tips above left you wanting more, dive into these typography tips from Nick Babich (@101babich ) over on the Marvel App blog. If you write emails, you are designing with text and these tips can help you.

Properly using white space between paragraphs has been proven to increase comprehension up to 20%


Whenever I speak or facilitate workshops, etc I’m a big proponent of involving the audience as much as possible. Currently,  I’m using a combination of PollEverywhere for audience interaction and TalkBook for delivering handouts, contact information and other relevant information. But I’m always on the lookout for new ways of doing that and I recently discovered Hypersay, a new option that takes an interesting approach.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Upload your slides to your free Hypersay account.
  2. Add interactive elements (they call them ‘atoms’) to any or all of your slides.
    1. Quizzes
    2. Questions
    3. Text (supports links and markdown)
    4. YouTube or Vimeo Video
  3. Connect your audience via a link or access code.
  4. During your session, participants can ask questions and take private notes.
  5. When you’re done participants get a feedback form and you’ll get a session report that includes things like the number of participants and the number of interactions with answers submitted, etc.

Check it out at and if you try it, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Presentation & E-learning Starter Kit

As I recently told someone, I may not know much, but I know enough to borrow from the best. That’s exactly what I did to assemble this Starter Kit. If you do any speaking, presenting or slide-based course building these resources will go a long way towards helping you create a killer project.

This starter kit is a collection of my favorite tools and resouces that help with audience analysis, organizing your message, finding the right visual voice and the design assets you need for building it.

Lean-in Listening

Build Your Network

Lots of rich learnings from this podcast for professionals who want to “grow their inner circle and sharpen their relationships.”

We focus on just in case learning instead of just in time learning.

Happening Hashtags


Peek in on the happenings of Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) which is an annual program dedicated to inspiring K-12 students to take interest in computer science. Even the Google Doodle can teach us how to code.


OEB Conference #OEB17

OEB is a global, cross-sector conference in Berlin, Germany on technology supported #learning and #training.

Work Out Loud Conference

If you’re a believer of John Stepper (@johnstepper) and the concept of Working Out Loud, you might like tuning in to the back channel from this week’s #WOLCON


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