My PKM Process

Shannon Tipton, recently asked if I could share my process for keeping up with the topics I’m interested in and how I curate the best thing that I find along the way.

Here is a video walking through my personal set up for keeping up, organizing and sharing — and doing it efficiently with a minimal time commitment.

I’ve been introducing these steps to my team here at Mindset Digital and have shared some tips for getting started with each step of the process:

I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments. And I’d love to hear what your process is too!


Sharing Some PowerPoint & Elearning Slide Designs

As I recently cleaned out some old files, I came across these PowerPoint slide designs that I never used. Since its International Work Out Loud Week I thought I’d share these for anyone who might be able to use them for a presentation or online course.


Download PowerPoint Slides


Do your most popular posts get stuck in “Draft”?

Recently Mark Britz raised the question of whether or not you can benefit even from the posts you do not publish. I have to cast my vote that yes, just going through the thought process and focusing on what you want to say can be beneficial at times regardless of whether or not you ultimately click that “Publish” button.

That led me to realize that one of the thoughts I often have when hovering over the publish button is a question that goes something like “Will anyone really want to read this?” It’s a self-censoring thought that I am trying to limit. Especially, when I look back at the stats and see that some of my most popular posts were ones that were more spontaneous and sort of unrelated to the typical content I post. If I’d given them more thought they might never have happened.


As the saying goes, “Perfect is the enemy of good” so go ahead,hit that publish button – and even if you don’t you are still better for having begun.

I’d love to hear if anyone else has experienced anything similar.

  • What is the most popular post on your blog?
  • Is it one you would have expected to be that popular?
  • Are there any surprises among your top posts?
  • Do you look at your blog stats? If so, what do you look for and how does it impact what you post?

Working Out Loud

I’m a big believer in the concept of narrating your work and working out loud.

One of my challenges is always that bit of self-doubt in the sense of “what I’m doing isn’t anything special so who would even care or want to know”.  This along with a couple other factors results in the large number of posts I have that are stuck in my ‘drafts’ folder. As I see it the best way to get better is by doing and practicing so this post is to give notice that those doubts and concerns are going to take their rightful, much diminished place in my mind and I’m going to open this door to the world and make time to write. It is now an entry on my calendar.

A big thank you to @JohnStepper for a conversation that has given me the nudge to venture down this path.

It may not be pretty and it may very well come in fits and starts but it IS coming. So where is your blog and what’s keeping you from ‘working out loud’?

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