Friday Finds | April 20, 2018

A man ceases to be a beginner in any given science and becomes a master in that science when he has learned that he is going to be a beginner all his life.

— Robin G. Collingwood

Good morning! Its Friday and I think spring might actually be here to stay. (That’s a big deal here where we often get all four seasons in the same day this time of year.)

Also, if you’re subscribed via MailChimp, you probably didn’t any updates over the past week or two. Welcome back and if you’re interested here is what you missed:

April 6

» @canva important design principles illustrated
» @willworklearn learning maximizers & myths
» @amcafee on the impacts of AI
» @brbarrett on reviving RSS
» @buffer & @pocket curation guide and more!

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April 13

» @jeffreypfeffer on how the workplace is killing us
» @icons8 free .sketch tools
» @jonathanwylie free @AdobeSpark for education
» @lscon Best of DemoFest free webinar
» @FlipChartGuy on engaging software training

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Role of Customer Education in Driving Business Success

John Leh (@JohnLeh) shares what he sees as trends in “extended enterprise training”; that is, education that encompasses all of a company’s outside audiences. Personally, I’m happy to see so many organizations leveraging opportunities to educate as a key component of their business. Often the first to add value to a customer’s need is who they buy from and learning is a huge part of that.

There’s been a merging of learning and marketing in the industry that is targeted toward customers and learners. It’s very exciting, in my opinion. – John Leh

Building Modern Independent Lifelong Learners

Jane Hart (@c4lpt) explores how modern professionals learn in many different places and ways and how being successful requires knowing how to make the most of the variety of experiences and opportunities they search for and have.

Should Learning Participants Be In Control? What The Research Says

Patti Shank (@pattishank) explores learner control research. What did she find? It is complex and has some ambiguities. A one sentence summary is “When material complexity is low, we can offer more control to participants. But we should typically apply program control when material complexity is high.” Check it out!

10 Tips for Better Continuous Learning

Want to know what top companies like Microsoft and Google are looking for in the people they hire? You have to be a continuous learner. Today, when 47% of American jobs are at risk of automation learning is more important than ever. Check out these ten tips from the Anders Pink (@anderspink) blog to help you succeed as a continuous learner.

Visualize Your Training Data with an Infographic Report + Free Template

Tuesday I shared a PowerPoint training evaluation report template that I created for a project last year. Feel free to grab a copy for yourself or tap into a few other resources to customize it for your needs.


A few other things just because I can. 😎

Conference News

Recently added design resources:

Apps I’m trying out this week:

  • Favro is a really nice looking planning and collaboration app that is like a cross between Trello and a task management app. Check out a sample project.

Books Worth Reading

What I’m listening to today:

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