Fresh Finds

You may or may not have seen that Karl Richter and I have started an experimental monthly show that explores learning design and just about anything related to the tools and techniques for making it better. Karl captured our thinking very accurately in his newsletter.

“Our goal with this show is to share resources and joy. We both love our craft and want to infuse that into your work week, whether you’re watching live or in the archive.”

The idea is that you can use the Questions section to add your own topics and questions you’d like to cover. From there, we’ll have a freeflowing screenshowing conversation about our favorite design techniques and resources.

You can register for free and we’ll keep you informed of all we’re doing and remind you when it is time for our next monthly edition.

You know it has to be good because we have a theme song complete with video!

Hope to see you there sometime!

Episode #2 Show Notes

In Episode 2 of Fresh Finds, Karl has 3 quick recipes for blending Google Forms into an online course and I shared some cool stuff I picked up at the Click! Presentation design conference.

Here are links for the things we touched on this month.

Design Resources

Slide layouts & Diagrams

Tools & Apps

Whole Foods Rap Video

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Born with a life-long passion for learning, I have the great fortune to work at the intersection of learning, design, technology & collaboration.

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