Friday Finds | June 29, 2018

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 Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.
— Gustave Flaubert

Travelling is one of my very favorite things and I’m grateful for every opportunity I get to experience new places and make new friends. I’m super excited about our family trip to London, Amsterdam, and Paris coming up in a few weeks. If you’ve visited any of these or call them home, do you have any top tips for us?

Here’s a trip for you through some of this week’s best in the learning, design, and technology world. Cheers!

The Need for Continuous Learning

This CLO magazine article is is yet another voice to add to the call for the need for continuous lifelong learning.

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the greatest competitive advantage.” -Jack Welch

7 Podcasts for Training & Learning Pros

It seems almost everyone has a place for a good podcast and L&D pros are no different. Here are some podcasts chosen by the folks at TTC Innovations (@TTCInnovations) that are great for instructional designers, chief learning officers, learning managers, and more.

What are your favorites?

Have you heard the Lounge Podcast by Jacqueline Hutchinson (@JacHutchinson) yet? It is another one that is also worth a listen. 

20 ways to prepare yourself for modern workplace learning

Jane Hart (@c4lpt) has listed 20 things that you, as a learning professional, will need to have done PERSONALLY in order to be adequately prepared to support new approaches to workplace learning in your organisation PROFESSIONALLY. How many can you check off?

Rivyt: Landing Page for YouTube Videos

Rivyt makes it super easy to build websites from YouTube pages. Just give Rivyt your channel name, and Rivyt automatically generates a website layout. If you’d like a visually appealing way to present YouTube content this one is worth a look.

Mural App

Mural makes it easy for anyone to create a beautiful professional portfolio in minutes. No design required. Just copy & paste URLs of your work ( posts, documents, videos, spreadsheets, whatever). And viola! Instant portfolio. You could even use the section and tag features to curate learning resources and use it for a host of other things. Here’s a quick one I made in about 15 minutes.


A few other things just because I can. 😎

Conference News

Design Resources

  • A nice collection of free color tools for designers including:
    • Site Palette – Chrome extension lets you to generate complete palettes from any website.
    • KHROMA COLORS – Uses your selections and AI to generate colors for you.
    • Flat UI Colors 2 – an update offering of great looking flat color palettes

Apps I’m trying out this week:

  • Slimbox – If you’d like to spend less time cleaning out your inbox, take a look at this one. Slimbox moves subscription and notification emails out of your inbox and summarizes them for you in one daily email.


What I’m listening too

  • Have you ever heard of Kygo? Try it for a nice balance of upbeat and relaxing sounds that are great to work to.

Thanks for reading! If you found anything good, forward it to a friend or spread the word with a tweet. 😎

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