Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | November 2, 2018

“Luck can’t be controlled, but it can be nurtured.”

The ghosts and goblins of Halloween have come and gone giving way to massive piles of sugary treats and chocolate candies. Here is a little something from the world of learning, design, and technology for those of you who’d like something to occupy your mind and help you stay away from the sweets.

How to Maximize Serendipity

Good fortune can only come your way if you put yourself in a position to receive it. David Perell (@david_perell)explains how to maximize serendipity by doing things like working on multiple different projects at the same time, avoiding boring people, and going first.

“Writing is the best kind of networking. By making it easy for people to find you online, you’ll create a vehicle for serendipity. Call on your vehicle when you want to manufacture serendipity, and you need some activation energy.”

What is Organizational Social Design?

Mark Britz (@britz) explores the question ““what if training was not an option?” and how to organizational structure itself may hold the answer to ideal performance.

Top 10 New Tools Discovered at DevLearn

Mathias Vermeulen (@MathVermeulen) was stalking Devlearn on the lookout for useful new tools, apps, and platforms. Here are ten that caught his attention. He’s also got some a few other DevLearn posts over there. (They’re in Dutch. Google Translate is your friend. )

A Quick Tour of Our Blended, Responsive Micro-Doing DemoFest Project

Training Journal Podcast with Jo Cook

I recently had the privilege of a lovely chat with the Training Journal’s Jo Cook (@lightbulbjo) about access to learning tools and finding your best way of learning at work.

Learning, Design & Technology Miscellany

A few other things just because I can.

Conference News

  • The Work Out Loud Conference #WOLCON18 is very high on my list of events I’d love to get to. John Stepper and crew were at it again this week in Germany.
  • You can look in on EDUCAUSE happenings via #EDU18
  • Looking for your next conference? I’ve added some new events recently to my global collection of L&D events.
Speaker Proposals are now open for:

Design Resources

Apps & Tools


What I’m listening too

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