Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | December 21, 2018

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Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” – Hamilton Wright Mabie

Happy Friday! This week I’m experimenting with a few things and I’d love to hear your opinion. First, you’ll notice I’ve rearranged things a bit this week including “One Big Thing” for anyone who doesn’t have time for everything.

The other thing I’m working on is updating the conference calendar. I’m torn between keeping in AirTable where I started or moving it over to Trello. Take a look and cast your vote for the one you prefer along with a comment about why you like the one you chose.

Until next time, remember that “It’s all fun and games until Santa checks the naughty list.”

What I’m listening to

One Big Thing

The Spacing Effect: How to Improve Learning and Maximize Retention

We are not taught how to learn in school, we are taught how to pass tests. The spacing effect is a far more effective way to learn and retain information that works with our brain instead of against it. Learn all about it in this post from Farnam Street. (@farnamstreet)

Four More Things

Psychological Safety and Learning Organizations

If you haven´t seen Arun Pradhan´s (@arunzpradhan) ¨Learning Agility¨ series over on the Learning Solutions Magazine site, you should stop what you´re doing and go read it now. Seriously, this is top stuff. In his most recent article, talks about how the knowledge economy and the need for teamwork have increased the need for effective collaboration and psychological safety in learning organizations.

Is Listening to a Book the Same Thing as Reading It

Daniel T. Willingham (@DTWillingham) tells us that our richest experiences will come not from treating print and audio interchangeably, but from understanding the differences between them and figuring out how to use them to our advantage.

Why the future of work is learning

In this interview with An interview with future of work strategist Heather McGowan (@heathermcgowan), on how organizations can prepare for a future of accelerated change.

Top 10 Behavioral Scientist Articles of 2018

From practical tips to disconnect, or ways to refocus your attention to advice on optimizing your life, hiring processes at work (and more) these 10 Behavioral Scientist articles have something for everyone.

Learning, Design & Technology Miscellany

A few other things just because I can.

Conference News

Speaker Proposals:

Design Resources

  • Ouch.Pics – beautiful, free illustration sets from Icons8
  • Gradients Guru – Pick a gradient and add your photo for great-looking, dead-simple results.
  • – Super simple AI tool for removing people from backgrounds in 0 clicks.

Apps & Tools

  • iSlide – a PowerPoint add-in to help you craft better slides.
  • Inspiratio – a simple app for reading all your newsletters & help you find new ones.


Thanks for reading! If you found anything good, forward it to a friend or spread the word with a tweet.

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