Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | March 22, 2019

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“There are only two mindsets that can infiltrate an organisation: control or learning. It’s a question of which one is dominant…” Peter Senge (via Paul Joceleyn @PaulJocelyn)

March Madness is always a favorite time of year for me. You never know which underdog is going to put on the Cinderella slippers and pull of a shocking upset. (Hello, Wofford. I see you over there!) I’m hoping to win back our family’s bracket battle this year and I didn’t pick Wofford to win. (But I’d love to see them keep going and pull of even more upsets.) Here is a shot of the best things of the week from learning, design and technology. Cheers!

Learning Impact: Literature Review

Red Thread Research (@redthreadre) looked at over 50 academic and business articles, reports, and books for this literature review, which provides a decent understanding of the known world of evaluating learning. This short article covers some key models and a few key articles that stand out above the rest.

Running a video learning campaign with marketing tactics

What happens when the L&D Manager is also the Marketing Manager? You get to run a learning campaign! Listen in on this Learnng Uncut conversation with Megan Power as shares her story of using a video learning campaign and marketing tactics for engagement and used data analytics to connect with learners and track the phenomenal sales success.

Why Your Brain Needs Idle Time

“The research on learning is extremely clear. To learn something well, you need to study it for a while and then take a break.” People retain new information best when their minds are given time off to encode and consolidate. Are you incorporating this into your learning programs?

“We know the brain can get into its downtime state very quickly, and the education research suggests just a few minutes — five to 15 — are enough to aid learning.”

Nerdy Shop Talk

Julie Dirksen (@UsableLearning) and Tracy Parish (@TracyParish) are hosting Nerdy Shop Talk, a new YouTube Live show from The eLearning Guild. Check out their first episode “The Research Rabbit Hole” with Jane Bozarth, Patti Shank and Clark Quinn where they explore the questions “How do you help people with research-based practice?”

Growth Mindset: Does it work?

Growth mindset theory is a relatively new – and wildly popular – idea that sees failure as a chance to improve your ability. As Jeff Howard noted almost 30 years ago: ‘Smart is not something that you just are, smart is something that you can get.’ Here are two articles exploring both sides of this debate. The first article by Carl Hendrick (@c_hendrick ), “The growth mindset problem” looks at the fact that kids with a growth mindset aren’t getting better grades. For a counter view, from Carol Dweck (@mindsetworks) herself, see “Growth mindset is on a firm foundation, but we’re still building the house”

Learning, Design & Technology Miscellany

A few other things just because I can.

Design Resources

Apps & Tools

  • Flow – This is a new marketing webinar platform built exclusively for webinars-not meetings. I’m intrigued by the Storyboard feature that lets you preload every content block and assign presenters and permissions in advance.
  • Firefox Send – A new option for simple, private file sharing

Books, Podcasts, Courses:

What I’m listening to:

  • Is there anything cooler than the classic sounds of Nat King Cole? Just the right thing for me today.

Conference News

There are a number of conferences taking place this time of year. Here’s a quick snapshot of recent and upcoming events.

Here’s a peek at the recent and upcoming conference action:

Looking for your next conference? I’ve recently updated my global collection of L&D events with new 2019 dates. Let me know if you see one I missed or have a new one to add.

Speaker Proposals:

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