L&D-related Events for April

Over the course of the past year, I’ve been working on a searchable, easy-to-use listing of L&D-related conferences and events. While there are a lot of great events happening in our field it feels like you’ve gotta check a zillion different places to find them all. So I decided to build something myself.

Now that I’ve got a pretty good start, I thought it could be helpful to highlight the events for the upcoming month:

If you’re curious, this whole thing is powered by Airtable which is a really nice step up from spreadsheets for managing data. Lots of ways it can be used in an L&D context like instructional design, content production, project management, and more.

Come on in and kick the tires

I invite you to take a minute to look around and by all means let me know your suggestions for how we can make this even better!

If you’re new to AirTable, be sure to explore different views via the drop-down at the top right.

See Something Missing?

I’m sure this isn’t 100% complete, so if you see a conference or event you think belongs on this list you can add it via this quick and easy submission form.

Additional places to look:

Here are a few other resources that might also be helpful for you.

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