Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | July 12, 2019

The Best of Learning, Design & Technology _ Mike Taylor

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It has been a busy week for that whizzed by in a blur. I´m looking forward to shifting gears this weekend with some work around the house and from the looks of it soaking up some air conditioning. Its gonna be hot around here. Here are a few things to warm up your weekend from the world of learning, design, and technology. Cheers!

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Narratives to Drive Exponential Learning

John Hagel (@jhagel) explores the potential of narratives to drive ¨exponential learning”. Why are opportunity-based narratives so critical to learning? There are many reasons. They’re a call to action and the key to creating new knowledge is action.

At Work, Expertise Is Falling Out of Favor

These days, it seems, just about all organizations are asking their employees to do more with less. Is that actually a good idea? See what the Navy is trying to do with ¨minimal manning¨ and lifelong learning. Consider questions like Are we equipped to continually return to apprentice mode? Will this burn us out? And will the collective work that results be as good as what came before?

How Can You Nurture a Knowledge-Sharing Culture?

Stan Garfield (@stangarfield) share a number of tips on how to identify organizational barriers to knowledge sharing, and how to overcome them as you build the necessary culture for KM to thrive.

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Why Leadership Development Feels Broken: And How We’re Fixing It

Josh Bersin (@Josh_Bersin) on a new alternative to the traditional leadership model for a new world where hierarchy no longer defines how work gets done and the idea that “leaders are more valuable than individuals” is over.

Why Leadership Development Feels Broken: And How We’re Fixing It

Top E-learning Scenario Tips

Recently, Bryan Jones (@elearningart) from eLearningArt invited me and a whole slew other eLearning people (59 of us) to share their single best tip for creating effective eLearning scenarios.

Learning, Design & Technology Miscellany

A few other things just because I can.

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  • PhotoAbility: Authentic Disability Stock Images
  • Mixkit – FREE and Professional Videos for Your Next Presentation

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