Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | July 19, 2019

The Best of Learning, Design & Technology _ Mike Taylor (7)

“The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them.” — Mark Twain

A very happy Friday to you! I´m looking forward to a mostly unscheduled weekend and some time to start working on the L&D Strategies from the Marketing Playbook DevLearn pre-conference workshop that Bianca Baumann and I are doing again this year. Let me know if you´ll be at DevLearn – I´d love to connect in person. Cheers!

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Four Recommendations To Support Evidence-Informed L&D

To determine the effectiveness of any service, the L&D professional looks for scientific evidence. Scientific evidence will help decision-making about learning services. The question is, is this evidence-based or evidence-informed? In this excerpt from his book, Jos Arets (@AretsJos) shares a few recommendations for your expertise and learning outcomes.

The Ethics of Designing Training

When we design courses just because we’re asked to, it shows a disregard for the consequences of our actions. It’s unlikely that anyone will die or get seriously injured due to an unnecessary eLearning course, but it’s just that: unnecessary. See what Devlin Peck (@devpeck) has to say about things like designing courses without identifying what’s causing the performance issue.

Triggering learning in your learning ecosystem

Robbin Pettered (@RobinPetterd) pulls from his podcast with Jeremy Roberts on ‘Removing the friction from your learning solutions’ about using the Fogg Behaviour Change Model for designing learning solutions that are easier to use and more engaging. The Fogg model takes into account your audiences’ motivation, their abilities and using prompts to engage them. This post explores automated prompts and triggers for learning.

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What makes you passionate about L&D?

Jo Cook (@lightbulbjo) shares answers to the question ¨What makes you passionate about L&D?¨ I´m with the 50% who say that it is all about helping people. How about you? Why not drop by and leave your response in the comments.

That new productivity tool is stressing out your team

New technology isn’t always going to be the answer to your productivity issues at work. Sometimes adding new technology can lead to ´technostress´. This article gives us some signs to watch out for as well as a step-by-step guide for giving new tools to your team.

Learning, Design & Technology Miscellany

A few other things just because I can.

Design Resources

Apps & Tools

  • Hopin – Online events that give you the ability to create captivating online events where attendees can learn, interact, and network
  • Free PowerPoint Video Template – You´ll be surprised how good this template for a video created with PowerPoint can be.

Books, Podcasts, Courses:

What I’m listening to:

  • My son introduced me to this fun 8-bit covers playlist that I´m starting my day with today.

Conference Roundup

  • Elearning Guild Emerging Technology & Learning Summit
  • The Canadian Elearning Conference was this week in Toronto #cdnelearning

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  1. Hi Mike.

    It appears that your Fogg article link goes to a different place. I haven’t been successful in finding it. Do you have a link?

    Hope all is well.




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