Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | February 14, 2020

This Week's Best of Learning, Design @mylesrun on the L&D Conundrum @kenblanchard Commitment to Learning Live Translations in @PowerPoint @superblearn using a funnel for learning design How The Way We Work is Killing Us Agile Learning & more!

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” – Buddha

Happy Valentines Day! I hope you’re sharing time with people you love today. We’ll be making some chocolate covered strawberries and piling on the couch for a family movie night tonight. What are you getting up to?

Here are this week’s finds. Thanks for reading!

What I’m Listening to: Today I’m giving a try on a recommendation from a friend. So far I’m liking the vibe it creates to work along to.


Last week’s most clicked item:
7 simple & effective methods to get better at Visual/UI Design



Change what we do or improve what we are doing? The L&D conundrum as I see it.

Myles Runham (@mylesrun) takes a peek some parallels between disruption of L&D and the news/journalism fields. Consider how both are experiencing fundamental changes in audience relationships, what is made for them (with them?) and how they connect with it.

Change what we do or improve what we are doing? The L&D conundrum as I see it.


The Way We Work Is Killing Us

This interview with the author of ‘Dying for a Paycheck’ Jeffrey Pfeffer says that many companies are completely missing the point. Offering lunchtime yoga classes does nothing for management practices like long work hours, unpredictable schedules, toxic bosses, and after-hours emails. Why would we foster work systems that both punish workers and lose companies money?


Commit Yourself to Learning

Ken Blanchard tells us the only way to grow as a leader is to keep learning — and if you aren’t learning and growing, you’re just wasting away. I love that he models this by sharing something he learns every day. A great Work/Learn Out Loud example. This type of learning fosters genuine relationships as it increases job satisfaction — a positive result for individuals, leaders and the organization.

Commit yourself to learning



Don’t Learn More, Learn Smarter. A Quick Guide to Agile Learning

Just like your body, your brain needs to be regularly looked after, fed and trained. This article explores the idea of applying a “lean” approach to our knowledge acquisition to squeeze more value from what we learn – a method experts call agile learning.


Using a funnel approach when designing a learning campaign

Matthew Mason (@superblearn) shows us how L&D can borrow the funnel approach from our marketing friends. The marketing funnel breaks down the customer journey, from the “awareness” stage when they first learn about a business, product or service to the “purchase” stage, where they are ready to buy. The funnel approach can also be used to break down the learner journey. It takes them from the “interest” stage, where they learn why the topic is important to them, through to the “integration” stage, where skills and knowledge are applied in the development of mastery.

Using a funnel approach when designing a learning campaign


Live Subtitles and Real-time Translation in PowerPoint

Wouldn’t it be amazing if while you’re giving a presentation, your audience could see real-time closed-captioning of your talk and even a live translation into another language? Live transcription of your words can aid audiences with hearing impairments, or who have difficulty with the language you’re speaking, or in cases where the audio setup of the room is less than ideal. (There is also a similar option available for Google Slides)

Live Subtitles and Real-time Translation in PowerPoint


A few other things just because I can.

Tools & Resources

  • [tools] Explore is a FREE online chart maker & visual data tool for all your spreadsheet data
  • [powerpoint] 85 animated PowerPoint callouts free for download
  • Invideo is an app sort of like Canva but for creating videos
  • [design] BioRender: Create Professional Science Figures in Minutes with thousands of pre-made icons and templates from more than 30 fields of life sciences

Conferences & Learning Events

Call for Speakers:

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  1. I love it when one of your newsletter items addresses a moment of need I didn’t even know existed. Before mailing a note to a colleague about a podcasting project we’re working on, I opened your newsletter and was reminded about just how useful the funnel approach and realized it was just what we hadn’t yet considered. Thank you!


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