Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | February 7, 2020

The mark of a lifelong learner is recognizing that you can learn something from everyone you meet. Knowledge is best sought from experts. Wisdom can come from anywhere. — Adam Grant

Happy Friday! It only took me a month to update the date in the title of this posting to the right year. And I may never have noticed it without a kind nudge from Ger Driesen (@GerDriesen). Now I know there is at least one person who reads these posts. Thanks, Ger!

I’m looking forward to leading a session in the Elearning Guild’s upcoming online conference “Making Learning Stick” on spaced learning and some tools that can make managing it easier. We’ll take a look at MailChimp, Sparks and a few other options. Hope to see you there.

Here are this week’s finds. Thanks for reading!

What I’m Listening to: For today’s music mix I need a little injection of 80’s goodness to help me fight off whatever bug I”m trying to fight off

Last week’s most clicked item:
The Spacing Effect: How to Improve Learning and Maximize Retention

Donald Clark’s Take on the Global L&D Sentiment Survey

See what Donald Clark (@DonaldClark) has to say about the use of Learning Analytics in L&D. Particularly, the need for a strategic view of data use. And the schema from data science, classifying data use into four areas: Describe, Analyse, Predict, Prescribe, and Innovate. He thinks we are about to enter a new era, where smarter software (AI/data-driven) will deliver smarter solutions.

Donald Taylor’s International survey – No 1 may surprise you – but 1-5 taken together is the new era…

Building a Future Ready Workforce

Listen in on this conversation between Michelle Ockers and Craig McDonald that covers moving to a learning strategy with more self-directed continuous learning in the flow of work, curating learning pathways, and changes to the learning team role, structure, mindset and skillset among others.

Workflow Learning With Conrad Gottfredson

No matter what you call it, Workflow Learning, Learning In The Flow of Work, or Learning at the Point Of Work, it means helping people do more of the right things to get results. In this podcast, Conrad Gottfredson (@ConGott) shares his insights and how he thinks that “‘Half of what is done formally could be pushed into workflow learning.”.

7 simple & effective methods to get better at Visual/UI Design

This is a common question that I am consistently asked (or see as a need). All of us are designers after all! This post has some great advice including a few of my favorites: getting familiar with design patterns, training your design eye, and learn by copying.

Designing for Conversions

You’ll find some good insights n this article by Brandon Gregory (@authorbrandong) about how we can be better at framing our value propositions – how people determine whether or not you can solve their problem and creating a clear call to action. See how techniques like changing phrasing to be more personal can gain more attention and increase the odds of people taking action.

Designing for Conversions

A few other things just because I can.

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