Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | MAY 22, 2020

“Not taking things personally is a superpower.”

James Clear

This is the first week of a graduate level course that I’m teaching at Franklin University in their online Instructional Design & Learning Technology program. I’m grateful for the thoughtful support they’ve given to help me and other new teachers. I’m not sure if that happens everywhere but it reminds me how important it is for us to set up the people we serve for success. Someone is even popping into the online course platform to check that things are going well. Thank you Baraba Carder for all your help! Whatever you are doing, I hope you are supported as well as this too! 

Don’t miss the new Podcast section I’ve added this week. You can help me out a bit with that by letting me know what your top 3 favorite podcasts are!

Happy Friday! Thanks for reading. 

What I’m Listening to:  It has been a gloomy, gray week around here so I’m spinning some chilled out Beach Vibes today.

Last week’s most clicked item:

(The Right) Learning Modalities To Deliver Digital Learning

The “Pre-Question”: A Simple Way to Boost Learning From Videos & Short Lectures

A new study in the Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition suggests that answering prequestions may be a simple and effective way to boost your learning from videos and perhaps short lectures too.

The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be

I can’t resist anything that starts off with a good Yogi Berra quote! In this article Conrad Gottfredson picksup on Keith Keating’s post about the evolution of learning on LinkedIn and extends it with a few thoughts of his own. There is a lot of food for thought in here. Do you think they got it right? What would you say about it?

Getting Started with Inclusive Design

Brian Dusablon is a “go to” resource for getting started and learning more about inclusive design. Something everyone should do. Tune in to his conversation with Connie Malamed on her Elearning Coach podcast. 

Learn more & listen

How Visuals Engage The Lizard Brain

If you’re not familiar with what the lizard brain is and how it impacts learning, you should definitely pop over and read this one from Superb Learning. This is something marketers know very well and L&D pros should too! 

Read more »

Teaching Without Walls

Michael Wesch first captured my attention with his “10 Online Teaching Tips Beyond Zoom” video. He has an entire channel of similarly great videos that remind us that you don’t have to teach online. You can teach out in the world, without walls, and without the walls that our preconceived ideas create of what “teaching online” has to be. I’m also looking forward to reading his book “The Art of Being Human”.

Watch video »


It is very cool that you’ve made it this far down the list! It would also be cool (and super helpful) if you’d share your top 3 favorite podcasts with me.

  1. The Presentation Podcast takes a dive into the co-authoring and collaborative features of PowerPoint that is worth a listen.
  2. Robin Petterd hosts Jo Cook on the Learning While Working podcast to talk about designing interactive virtual classrooms. 
  3. I had the pleasure of joining Brian Washburn on his “Train Like You Listen”podcast to talk with him about “How to Approach Training Like a Marketer” . I really like the format he uses – it is short, sweet, fast-paced and fun. 

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