Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | October 30, 2020

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.

Blaise Pascal

Happy Friday! The shorter days of winter are always a challenge and that feels a little more so this year as we’re still staying pretty close to home due to the pandemic situation. It makes me value social connections and seek them out even more than I already did. I hope to be more intentional about planning those over the course of this winter. What about you? Do you have any plans that you find helpful?

Thanks for reading!

What I’m Listening to: This morning it is a nice Lounge – Soft House playlist that is doing the trick.

Last week’s most clicked item:
Learning theories timeline: key ideas from educational psychology

Becoming A Learning Organisation = Continuous Learning

What does the research on organisational learning & the learning organisation tell us about what we can do to effectively holistically support learning in organisations? More great stuff from the 3 Star Learning Experiences blog.

The Brain Maps Out Ideas and Memories Like Spaces

Emerging evidence suggests that the brain encodes abstract knowledge in the same way that it represents positions in space, which hints at a more universal theory of cognition.

How To Use The Psychology Of Content Overload To Break The Cycle

The poll from a recent Filtered webinar found that 72% of respondents think that less that half the content in their learning ecosystem is valuable. This post explores how content overload can be a significant barrier and includes a collection of related research on the topic.

How to make your PowerPoint presentations more accessible

Use these simple techniques to make your PowerPoint presentations more accessible. With all the types of content formats that go into presentations like text, images, graphics, tables and sometimes audio and video it’s important that all this information is equally accessible to a disabled audience.

The No-Code Generation is arriving

Nocode - DEV

Increasingly today, it’s not enough to just open a spreadsheet and make some casual observations anymore. Today’s new workers know how to dive into systems, pipe different programs together using no-code platforms and answer problems with much more comprehensive — and real-time — answers.

A few other things just because I can.


Here are three podcast episodes from this week that are worth a listen:

Tools & Resources

For more tools & resources like these check out my weekly Tech Tuesday Toolbox posts where I post 50 new tools every other week to help you work smarter, not harder.

  • Descript — Descript is a collaborative audio/video editor that works like a doc. It includes transcription, a screen recorder, publishing, full multitrack editing, and some mind-bendingly useful AI tools
  • Piktostory — Edit videos by editing the text transcript. Similar to Descript.
  • Icograms Designer — Create your own 3D-looking Map, Illustration and Infographics from Isometric Icons within minutes
  • Convertio — File Converter — Easy tool to convert files online. More than 309 different document, image, spreadsheet, ebook, archive, presentation, audio and video formats supported.
  • Pitch 一 Collaborative presentation software – Pitch is a presentation app, enabling modern teams to craft and distribute beautiful presentations more effectively.

Where You Can Find Me

October 19-30 – DevLearn DDX Conference

Online master class for the VOV Network in Belgium with Bianca Baumann starting in November.

November 10 – Nationwide’s “Modern Digital Learning” (Internal webcast)

November 18 – Building an employee first Digital Adoption process

November 20 – Central Indiana ATD Virtual Learning Summit

December 3 – Understanding Learning Trends (Learning Guild)

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