Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | June 11, 2021

We find real satisfaction not by the incessant longing after newer and newer goals but by taking joy in the small things that actually make up our lives.

Larry Rosenberg

I’m participating in the 2nd annual online L&D Conference that is starting soon. I have a “secret” code that gives a 25% discount off registration – the catch is that it is only good for the first five people who use it. Check out the conference lineup and details and if you want to register using my code, respond to this email and let me know. I’ll give you the code and the first five people to register will get the discount. (Please don’t share it with anyone else.)

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What I’m Listening to: I’m feeling a little “retro” today, so the biggest hits of the 70’s are going to be in the air around here today.

Last week’s most clicked item:
The Ultimate Guide to Giving Virtual Presentations on Zoom

Degrees for L&D Professionals: What, Why, and Worth?

This Learning Guild report by Jane Bozarth takes a look at the impact of degrees for L&D pros—from salary expectations to the education requirements and competencies most frequently appearing in job announcements.It also sked practitioners what they have to say about their experiences choosing and completing programs, and whether overall they found the efforts worthwhile. Grab a copy and check out the accompanying videos.

Behavioral Scientist’s Summer Book List 2021

I love reading – especially when I can learn new things to apply in my work. This is a treasure trove of great reads from the Behavioral Science world. And if that’s not enough be sure to check out even more in their list of notable behavioral science books from 2020 here.

5 Behavioral Biases That Trip Up Remote Managers

Speaking of behavioral science….most managers weren’t prepared to lead remote teams. In this HBR article, the authors present a checklist of five biases that leaders should watch out for when managing remotely, as well as some scientifically proven tactics to counteract them.

7 Science-Backed Insights to Boost Your Meta-Learning

No skill will earn you greater dividends than learning how to learn. Yet, most people never master meta-learning. Dr. Barbara Oakley’s principles teach you how to learn better. If you’re interested in a deeper dive, check out the full course “Learning How to Learn” on Coursera.

PowerPoint Mac vs PC: A Top 15 list

Despite the fact that PowerPoint originated on the Mac platform, it has historically lagged behind the windows versions in terms of its feature set. It is catching up but it is still not the same. Nolan Haims lays out the top differences between the Mac & Windows versions in this Creative Pro article.


Tools & Tips

  • is a slick way to Record, transcribe, clip & share video from Zoom in real-time.
  • Kotobee allows you to create interactive ebooks, export them in multiple formats, and deliver them securely to your users.
  • Balabolka is a free app with lots of options for converting text into speech:
  • PDF Candy is an online PDF editor with 44 different functions
  • Mouseposé adds a spotlight to your mouse cursor and turns your mouse into a laser pointer..

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