Friday Finds: The Best Of Learning, Design & Technology | March 18, 2022

“Remember, being happy doesn’t mean you have it all. It simply means you’re thankful for all you have.”


Happy Friday! We’re off to experience my son’s first robotics competition this weekend at California University (in Pennsylvania) . I’m super curious to see what they’ve built and how they stack up against the competition. And I have to admit, that I wish those sort of things were around when I was his age.

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Last week’s most clicked item:
How to Use PowerPoint for Graphic Design



What using RSS feeds feels like (It feels good)

If you already use RSS, this post is not for you. You know this already. This is for people who don’t already use RSS.

A great way to improve your personal and professional learning is to use RSS / Feed Readers (I prefer Feedly). It is easy with these types of newsreaders to identify how much content you want to read from every source you want to follow. You can read every item or you can pick out the ones you like based on their headlines and just read those.


Using Data to Show Compliance Training’s Impact on Behavior

Check out this LT Digital Days session by Peter Maniche Riber on applying an adaptive learning approach to digital learning experiences and how to use insights into conscious and unconscious (in)competence.(Free registration required)


Getting started with no-code 

Interested in a free course to pick up some useful #NoCode skills? This beginner-friendly course is everything you need to get started building your own ideas. After completing it, you’ll know how to build different types of websites pages, a database of information, and a simple mobile app.


13 Google Docs Hidden Gems

If you’re like me and do most of your writing in Google Docs, you’ll probably find some useful tips in this collection of “Hidden Gems” from Jeremy Caplan. One of my favorites is the dynamic word count that updates as you type. What is yours?


Humor Boosts Your Credibility at Work (And That’s No Joke!) 

The research is in: teams that grin together win together. This fascinating study suggests humor is one of the most underappreciated assets at work, Plus, they say, humor is a learnable skill.


How Teacher Expectations Shape Students’ Experience in the Classroom

We, as social creatures, are influenced by expectations, both our own and those of the people around us. If someone we value treats us as if they have high expectations for us, then we are likely to internalize these expectations and work harder to meet them. Dig in to learn more about the Pygmalion effect also known as the Rosenthal effect, named after Robert Rosenthal, one of the researchers who demonstrated the impact of this psychological phenomenon in education

  • Runway is an impressive browser-based video editor
  • Barkr is a nice option for organizing your online bookmarks
  • Timestripe is an app that combines a calendar, shared to-do lists & powerful notes.
  • Popsy is a NoCode tool that turns Notion pages into websites
  • deepculture is an amazingly valuable weekly newsletter

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