Friday Finds — Learning Transfer, Working Memory, Portfolio Tips

The luckier you are the nicer you should be and the nicer you are the luckier you’ll be .

 Morgan Housel

Happy Friday! We’ve been getting a bit more practice looking for silver linings lately than we would like. It reminds me that you can always learn from any situation and to focus on the things you can control. Even in bad situations there are lessons to be gleaned if you are looking for them. I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks for reading.

What I’m Listening To: This morning I’m really enjoying the music of Sara Kays, who I discovered when she opened for Alec Benjamin at a recent concert.


Complete Guide to Memory

How does your memory work? How can you remember more? Prevent forgetting? These questions lie at the heart of anything you’ll ever learn, do or experience. Your memory impacts everything you do, from how well you’ll do in school, your career, life and even your sense of self and happiness. Scott Young has created a guide that combines everything we know scientifically about memory and distills that knowledge into practical advice.

The Complete Guide to Memory – Scott H Young


How to Write Instructional Design Case Studies for Your Portfolio

One aspect of a portfolio that can make yours stand out is to provide the proper context for every work sample. You can achieve this by adding instructional design case studies to your portfolio. Case studies are an opportunity to add depth and insight to your demonstrated skills. In this article, I hope to clarify what a portfolio case study is and what to include in one.


Trends in Learning Technology

In this report, 2022 Trends in Learning Technology, Steve Foreman analyzes survey findings and seeks to understand the use of learning technologies, platforms, and the importance they have on the L&D industry. Learn more about the stack of technologies that enable learning and development (L&D) organizations to inform, teach, guide, and connect people.


12 Barriers to Implementing Learning Transfer

The latest from Paul Matthews discusses the resident elephant in many rooms where a training program is under discussion and the 12 barriers to implementing learning transfer that he has identified.


How to Support Learning For A Brain That’s Becoming More Stupid Over Time

What does the fact that our brains do less b/c of technology mean for what we need to do to support people’s learning? How to support learning for a brain that’s becoming more stupid over time due to technology .

Supademo automatically generates easily shareable how-tos in seconds.

EpubPress is a browser extension for turning your favorite web content into ebooks.

Heyday is a browser extension that helps your research work and automatically saves web pages you visit and pulls in content from your apps.

Marketing Plus by Zoho is a marketing tool for driving engagement with multiple touchpoints

How to collaborate on Gmail messages in Google Docs—and send the email straight from the doc.

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