Friday Finds — Better MC Questions, Curation & Knowledge Management, Community Guide

Wynter is looking for L&D pros
Here is a different, but interesting opportunity for L&D professionals: Wynter is looking for L&Ders that want to participate in a research study and get paid for their effort. Check the link here and join the research!


Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself.


Happy Friday! I’m super excited to be heading to Belgium next week for the VOV Pitstop at the Port House in Antwerp where we’ll spend an entire day focused on L&D tools and technologies. If you or anyone you know are in the area, please hit reply and let me know. I’d love to connect and say hello in-person.

Thanks for reading. 

What I’m Listening to: This SINY Radio playlist is a nice chilled out background for cranking out some work this morning. (If you’re on Spotify, you can follow me here.)


Last week’s most clicked item:
Jane Hart’s Top 100 Tools for Learning


Content Curation and Knowledge Management: Why They Matter and How They Connect

This post from Anders Pink takes a look at knowledge management, why it matters, and how it connects to curation. Which is more relevant than ever as more people and critical organizational knowledge are leaving in the context of ‘the great resignation’.


Top 10 Tactics for Improving Multiple Choice Questions

Patti Shank shares 10 tactics that are the most important for writing well-written and
relevant multiple-choice questions. These are a must for anyone who ever creates assessment questions.

(If you like this, be sure to check out the Mindtools podcast that explores key takeaways fro Patti’s book “Write better multiple-choice questions to assess learning“)

View Document


The Beginner’s Guide To Community Management

Richard Millington of FeverBee has put together a resource that helps newcomers in the community management realm quickly get up to speed on the basics. with plenty of resources, frameworks, and examples to help with the journey.


Learn Airtable in 60 Minutes

Airtable is a fantastic tool that should be in your toolkit. In this video, Aron Korenblit will get you up to speed in just one hour. This is an hour well spent!


Elearning Storyboards

Bryan Jones of eLearning Art has created an “Ultimate Guide to Elearning Development” with lots of great stuff including a section on storyboards to get you started in the right direction for producing a storyboard that helps you build your next elearning or instructional design project quickly and efficiently. If you’re already a pro, you might want to jump directly to the big collection of 111 storyboard templates, using this link.


  • DropDeck lets you create beautiful slides — as fast as you can type out an email
  • Gamma.App lets you “write like a doc and present like a deck”
  • Vidyard is a free screen recording tool built for sales people but great for everyone
  • LetterInbox lets you read newsletters without cluttering your inbox
  • TinySnap is helps you make production-ready screenshots quickly & easily



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