Friday Finds — Cognitive Overload, Spacing Retrieval,

Wynter is looking for L&D pros
Here is a different, but interesting opportunity for L&D professionals: Wynter is looking for L&Ders that want to participate in a research study and get paid for their effort. Check the link here and join the research!


“The present is the past rolled up for action, and the past is the present unrolled for understanding.”

Will Durant

Happy Friday! After yesterday’s awesome VOV Lerend Netwerk’s event in Antwerp, I’m out with Mathias Vermeulen today in the Ardennes checking out as many Battle of the Bulge sites near Bastogne as we can fit into one day before I head back home tomorrow.

Thanks for reading. 

What I’m Listening to: I recently heard my daughter listening to a song from my college years by The Fray and it has sent me down memory lane this morning. Ah, those were the days!
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Last week’s most clicked item:
Top 10 Tactics for Improving Multiple-Choice Questions


Cameras On or Off? It Depends!

Like it or not, video conferencing platforms have become an integral tool for synchronous online teaching and learning. However, when the use of these tools increased due to emergency remote teaching. This article gives you some research-based insights that can help inform your camera policy and course design decisions.

Read about which is better – cameras on or off


What to do when cognitive overload threatens your productivity

Cognitive overload occurs when too much information overwhelms our cognitive resources, making it difficult to learn and commit knowledge to long-term memory. This article from Atlassian offers some productivity tips to combat cognitive overload.

Learn about productivity tips to combat cognitive overload


From bookmarks to brainstorming, Bublup your Digital Life

I’ve been a big fan of Bublup for a long time now. (It has been in my Top 10 Learning Tools list.) Watch this TLDC Elearning Tools Summit session with Leigh Ann Morgan as she walks through some of the useful features and how you might use it for your L&D work (and more!)

Watch video about using Bublup


Spacing Retrieval is More Important than Extra Retrieval

Researchers have once again shown the benefits of spaced retrieval practice, but this set up was a little different. What you are about to see is that it isn’t about how much you study, but about how you study. Quality wins over quantity and we all get to save a little bit of time… making this great news for busy learners everywhere!


Which Fonts Are Best For Charts & Tables?

When in doubt, set your text in a font that’s easy to read. Easy to read is everything that readers are used to. On the web, that means sans-serif, neither overly narrow nor wide, regular (instead of bold or thin) text set in sentence case, in a size that’s big enough to read, and in black or almost black.

Learn more about the best fonts for charts and tables


  • Morgen is a time management hub for your work, life and hustle
  • HyreSnap uses AI to help you make a better resume
  • Verbally helps make your Google & Zoom meeting better
  • Describe a background image you want and Photoroom generates it. (Not perfect but helpful in some cases)
  • Sparktoro checks the influence and health of any Twitter account



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