Friday Finds — Prospective Memory, Canva Updates, Powerful Speaker Bios


Wynter is looking for L&D pros
Here is a different, but interesting opportunity for L&D professionals: Wynter is looking for L&Ders that want to participate in a research study and get paid for their effort. Check the link here and join the research!


“Success is just a byproduct of learning, and learning is a byproduct of curiosity. Ultimately, if you are curious about something, you will be successful at it, and the more curious you are about it, the more successful you will be at it.”

Naval Ravikant

Happy Friday! It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL fall day here today. My favorite time of year when you can throw on a sweatshirt, watch the leaves start to change colors and enjoy everything that comes with fall here in the northern hemisphere. (Although I’m totally missing the real Belgian waffle I had everyday in Ghent last week.) I hope you have a great weekend enjoying some of your favorite things too.

Thanks for reading. 

What I’m Listening to: This morning I’m really enjoying my recent discovery of Ph-wert which is a nice mellow playlist that is great to work along to. Funny name-great music!
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Last week’s most clicked item:
What to do when cognitive overload threatens your productivity


Prospective Memory: What It Is, Why Teachers Should Notice

Prospective memory allows us to remember the future (yay). And, it creates working memory load (boo). We can reduce that load by a) recognizing the problem, b) developing classroom routines, and c) creating reminders — written or technological — to offload those prospective memory burdens. Simply put: offload prospective memory burdens onto paper — or some other technology reminder.

Learn more about prospective memory


Informal learning’s role in learning transfer

Learning is a side effect of life.  It is virtually impossible for us to imagine a world without informal learning. Key quote: “It seems to me that we need a halfway house where we can ‘manage’ informal learning, but with a light touch that does not destroy it.” 

Read more about informal learning transfer


Press Books Directory

Pressbook Directory open sources over 4,000 books, many of them on (adult) education, continuous learning, curriculum planning, and development + much more!!

Browse the Pressbooks directory



How to Write a Powerful Conference Speaker Bio

See what Jennifer van Alstyne has to say about writing a better speaker bio. She shares some simple and useful tips that can help you upgrade your bio. She also offers a free course to help with your online presence.

Watch Video


The New Canva

Along with a lot of others, I’m a big fan of Canva and use it all the time. Their latest updates let you make a website, brainstorm on a digital whiteboard, or collaborate on documents. Jeremy Caplan has a summary of the most useful new features and some limitations in his latest Wonder Tools newsletter. 

Learn about the latest Canva updates


  • The PowerPoint Add-In helps you create beautiful slides 10x faster in PowerPoint
  • is a new inexpensive option for content hosting worth checking out
  • Upscale Media lets you upscale & enhance your images with AI
  • Sharelo is an interesting app that lets you combine multiple types of content for easy viewing via a single link
  • Excel Formula Bot turns your text instructions into Excel formulas

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