Friday Finds — Subconscious Brain, Learning Video, Beyond Courses

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“Thinking is to humans as swimming is to cats. They can do it if they have to, but only in dire emergencies.”

—Daniel Kahneman
Happy Friday to you and happy birthday to me! It’s birthday week for the boys in our house. My son and I are celebrating another lap around the sun and all the exciting things to come. He’s taking his driving test this afternoon, which will be a gift to all of us since we’ll have one less kid that we need to chauffeur all around town. Thanks for reading.

What I’m Listening To: Ted Lasso is my all-time favorite show and the music in it is also outstanding, so I’m giving that soundtrack a spin today.  (Follow me on Spotify)

📰 News & Notes

Your Brain Knows a Lot More Than You Realize

Only a tiny fraction of the brain is dedicated to conscious behavior. The rest works feverishly behind the scenes regulating everything from breathing to mate selection. In fact, the unconscious workings of the brain are so crucial to everyday functioning that their influence often trumps conscious thought.

In this insightful article, neuroscientist David Eagleman explores the processes and skills of the subconscious mind, which our conscious selves rarely consider.

Creating Better Video
for Learning

Research tells us how to make multimedia such as video easier to learn from. In this article, Patti Shank discusses how we process video and the design principles that make video better for mental processing.

Understanding how these processes and principles work helps us create better instructional video.

Beyond Courses: Instructional Approaches in 2022

How are organizations creating instructional material OUTSIDE OF a traditional course? How much of their time is spent creating traditional courses?

Modern learning pros need more options in their toolkit than just courses. Learn more in this free Learning Guild report by Jane Bozarth.

Content Strategy 101

A content strategy is a high-level plan that guides the intentional creation and maintenance of information.

Often, organizations (and L&D teams) waste money and resources creating and maintaining content that’s pointless for users and profitless for organizations because they lack a content strategy.

The New Descript

A year in the making, this week’s release is a complete redesign with over 30 new features, including green screen, premium stock media, templates, and more.

Check out this product video…you’ll be glad you did

And catch the one with all the latest cool new features here.

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Science-based Tools to Improve Happiness

Andrew Huberman explores the science of happiness, including the different types of happiness and how our actions, circumstances and mindset control them. 

Listen now »

Pay Attention! How the Brain Decides What To Focus On

Dr Anthony Harris from the Queensland Brain Institute and an expert on human attention discusses what goes on in the brain when we are giving something our full attention, and breaks down whether or not multitasking is a myth.

Listen now »

How to Create a Fountain Ideas & Keep the Best

Jeremy Utley of the Stanford discusses his new book, Ideaflow, which is all about how to create a practice for producing and trading ideas in massive quantities – along with a system for sorting the garbage from the gold.

Listen now »

🧰Tech, Tools & Tips

Open Peeps is an illustration library that works like building blocks made of vector arms, legs, and emotions. You can mix these elements to create different Peeps.

Stop wasting time on recording voice, synchronising picture with sound and adding subtitles. Narakeet can handle all of those for you.

Powerfully simple business banking. Get a free business checking account from Novo.

Guidde can help you create how-to videos in seconds, easily share with your customers or team

Where’s Mike?

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Need a tool to create interactive courses and quizzes? Or to record video lessons? Do you have PPT slides that you’d like to turn to courses? Get the tool that does exactly what you need – now at the lowest price ever!

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