Friday Finds — Cognitive Load, Content Design, Pedagogic Change

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“‘What is the secret of your serenity?’ Said the Master, ‘Wholehearted cooperation with the inevitable.’”

— Anthony de Mello
Many of us here in the US are recovering from a full day of gathering with family and friends, eating too much and watching too much TV. I hope this finds you surrounded by love – happy and grateful for all the good things you have. Thanks for reading!

What I’m Listening To: Just found this playlist of the top 50 most played songs of all time from Spotify, which has a number of surprises…at least for me.  (Follow me on Spotify)

📰 News & Notes

Where Did Germane Cognitive Load Go?

Greg Ashman looks at the “fatal flaws” of cognitive load theory. The first problem with germane cognitive load is a philosophical one. The second is an empirical one. Dig into to this one to learn more and see what he has to say about cognitive load theory.

What is a
Content Designer?

Content design is fairly new in the content world. Content designers help create and optimize digital experiences through close collaboration with designers and developers. This article walks you through what a content designer does on a day-to-day basis and how to get into a content design role.

Guide to Articulate Rise Interaction Character Counts

If you’ve ever developed in Articulate Rise 360, chances are you have scripted an interaction, only to find that your planned interaction exceeds the character counts allotted. Download this handy guide, from Endurance Learning and never run into that issue ever again.

12 Things Every Graphic Designer Needs To Know to Succeed

“What would you tell a designer just starting out today – that would help them succeed?” Philip Van Dusen answers that question in this is a must-watch video!

More Pedagogic Change in the Past 10 Years Than the Previous 1000 years

The recent ground breaking shifts in the way we learn have not been matched by the way we teach, says Donald Clark in his recent TEDxGlasgow talk.

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Multimedia in
Learning Design

Learning content includes a mix of video, audio, and illustration. But why do these things matter? And how do they serve the outcomes we define with our clients?

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This audio documentary charts how Texas dictated American education over the last sixty years and examines how the fight over our childrens’ classroom has only intensified today.

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How to Cope With
News Overload

Markus Brauer, PhD, of the University of Wisconsin, and media psychologist Don Grant, PhD,discuss why it’s so hard to shut off the news spigot and what you can do to cope with news media overload while still staying informed.

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