Friday Finds | August 8,2017

If It Ain’t There, It’s Broke!

If you’re not subscribed to the 3-Star Learning Experiences blog, stop what you’re doing and go do that right now. Seriously! Get on over there and get plugged in. I’ll wait until you’re done to continue……..

….OK, welcome back. This blog by Paul Kirschner and Mijam Neelen is a gold mine of evidence-based information for learning professionals. Their most recent post is no exception.

Should educators and training pro understand how people learn? The answer seems obvious, yet too many in these roles don’t. The big question is “Why not?”

More than a hundred years of cognitive research has provided a wealth of information on effective and efficient learning strategies that are widely used to promote student learning. And most of all, they are inexpensive, easily deployable and immediately applicable, across different subjects, ages, knowledge or skills. The big non-rhetorical question here is now: Why aren’t they being used?

Mobile Reinforcement Crushes Forgetting Curve

This Learning Solutions Magazine article caught my eye for focusing on reinforcing the training and making it stick. They applied effective learning science techniques including interleaving and spaced repetition to see a 35% improvement in their learning results.

Mobile reinforcement can make learning stick, flatten the “forgetting curve,” and boost the effectiveness of training—all while reducing costs.

The digital transformation of learning: Social, informal, self-service, and enjoyable

Check out what Dion Hinchcliffe has to say about how “social learning now appears to be positioned as a major component of the future of workplace education” He talks about how the Internet and digital tools have changed the way we find knowledge and share information with each other. And how the ‘democratization’ of learning has allowed learning to be more situational, on-demand, self-directed, infinitely customized, and with much less friction involved.

Brain-Based Elearning Design

This new course by Dr. Joe Pulichino on shows how to use techniques for elearning design based on brain science, that—when applied—make for a more engaging and effective learning experience.

Check with your local library about free access to courses.


Reevio is a video production studio in your browser which allows anyone to easily produce stunning videos without the expense or hassle of learning high-end video software.

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