Friday Finds | September 1, 2017

It’s a beautifully cool day here in Ohio and I’ve got some even cooler things to share in this week’s learning, technology, and social media roundup.

Why Successful People Spend 10 Hours A Week On “Compound Time”

By far, the biggest excuse I hear from L&D practitioners is “I don’t have time for that.” Instead of SPENDING our time, we should all be INVESTING out time. As this article by Michael Simmons shows, it is worthwhile to spend some time every day on things that are not on your to-do list.

Despite having way more responsibility than anyone else, top performers in the business world often find time to step away from their urgent work, slow down, and invest in activities that have a long-term payoff in greater knowledge, creativity, and energy. As a result, they may achieve less in a day at first, but drastically more over the course of their lives.

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Sharpening Your Axe by Matt Guyan

A perfect follow-up to the first article above, Matt Guyan shares some good resources for elearning pros to improve their skills and share their expertise with others.

Everyone is busy and many people believe they don’t need to improve (or don’t realise they need to) because they can already do it but it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s up to all of us to DO something regularly to hone our skills. The only people who can improve our industry are those working in it – you and me. So, what can you do to sharpen your eLearning axe?

Who Owns the “Other 95%” by Gary Wise

This post from Gary Wise explores the role of L&D as “key enabler” vs “owner”. One of his key takeaways is that L&D organizations taking orders for training only perpetuates the myth that training drives performance.

Consider this question – Would it be a problem if L&D never developed another course?

My Top 10 Learning Tools for 2017

Have you shared your top learning tools with Jane Hart for her annual survey of the Top 100 Learning Tools? If not, you should head on over there now and contribute. She makes is super easy, so no excuses! I’ve contributed to every one of the 11 surveys so far and this year’s edition has a couple of interesting new comers.

A Conversation About What L&D Should Steal from Marketing | MSD Podcast

Learning & Development departments in corporate America face a lot of challenges. Tune into my conversation with Pete Brown as we explore how some of these challenges can be met by stealing tactics from the marketing department. I also share a few specific tools that will give your training an immediate boost in production value and visual appeal.

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