From Bullet Points to Beautiful with Beautiful.AI

From Bullet Points to Beautiful with Beautiful.AI

Over the years, I’ve kicked the tires on a boatload of presentation apps and it is very rare that any of them stick around long enough to make it into my toolkit. looks like one of the rare exceptions that will.

What is it? I’ll let them handle that job via their introduction video…

I’m willing to bet you’d love for your own slides to as good as those, right? Well, now you can create those slides AND save time doing it. If you ever struggle designing slides, you owe it to yourself – and your audience to a try. You’ll all be glad you did.

The folks at manage to strike a very good balance between providing design guardrails and flexibility. Unlike PowerPoint slide templates, the built-in “smart” templates, make it virtually impossible to create an ugly slide deck.

I am still a big fan of PowerPoint and all that it can do, but it is hard to compete with all the heavy-lifting that can take off your hands. While you won’t have total control over your slides, for most people that is more of a feature than a bug.

Using will let you skip many of the time-eating things required to build great looking slides like:

  • Finding an overall look and feel that is clean and professional
  • Hunting for icons and photos, then doing the download/insert dance
  • Trying to figure out how what color and how big your text should be
  • Adding or removing slide elements without causing a huge headache to make everything look right

Take a look at this example slide deck to see how it looks.


Here is a look behind the scenes so you can see how things work during the slide building process.

What do you think? Will this make into your toolbox? What do you like the most? Or the least?

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Born with a life-long passion for learning, I have the great fortune to work at the intersection of learning, design, technology & collaboration.

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