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Give ordinary people the right tools, and they will design and build the most extraordinary things.  -Neil Gershenfeld

In the course of reading and curating my weekly newsletter, I discover lots of new tools and apps. Last week I shared my top 3 favorite tools from 2019. While those three stand out heads and shoulders above the crowd for me, there were many more you might also want to check out.

Here are 100 more that you’d already have if you subscribed to my weekly newsletter. If you’d like a regular and more digestible serving of these you can subscribe for free here.

What about you? Have you found any good ones? Leave a comment and share your favorites!

Content, File Sharing & Collaboration

  1. Columns — Checklists arranged into columns for planning & organization
  2. You need a wiki – Create a wiki with Google Docs
  3. Fast.io – Simple Enterprise File Hosting
  4. Noted | Game-Changing Note-Taking
  5. Save time capturing your handwritten notes. Digitize faster. Work smarter.
  6. WebCull – Collect the web
  7. Genially, the tool for bringing your content to life
  8. GoodGantt – The Best Gantt Chart for Trello
  9. Replidy – Manage projects from Gmail
  10. Produck – Your team deserves to be more successful!
  11. MakePad – Manage all your projects in one place
  12. Envelop – Share private files easily, without losing their ownership
  13. Free Online Agile Retrospective Meeting Tool
  14. Easy-to-Use Design & Animation Tool
  15. Basecamp Gets Personal
  16. Qlearly | A modern bookmarks and tabs manager
  17. Links List | Share a collection of links with a single link
  18. Savee.it – Visual bookmarking
  19. Slite – The note app for teams to share knowledge
  20. Otter Voice Meeting Notes
  21. Project.co – project mgt for service businesses
  22. Communicate better, transform your sales, marketing & e-learning
  23. file.io – Ephemeral file sharing
  24. Firefox Send
  25. File Ark – A long-term external storage for your files

Images, Graphics & Screenshots

  1. This Brilliant Free Tool Can Remove The Background From Your Photo In Five Seconds
  2. loving | The fastest free web app for easy image modification.
  3. Clipular! Screen capture reinvented. Screenshots collected.
  4. Lunacy Free Graphic Design Software
  5. Screenzy – Pictures and Screenshots Beautifier
  6. Photo Creator 2.0: Create Custom Photos with AI Magic
  7. Vectornator is an all in one graphic design tool
  8. Remove Image Backgrounds Free & Fast
  9. Eagle Cool – collect, search and organize your image files in a logical way and all in one place
  10. Colourise your black and white photos

Video & Screen Recording

  1. SnackVids – The very first in-video smart search engine
  2. Free Online Video Maker – Create Videos in Minutes | FlexClip
  3. Use Voxgun to easily create short videos with animations and any language voice overs.
  4. Movie Creator : Free Video Editor
  5. Interactive Video by HiHaHo
  6. Record your screen, edit and save as a Gif or video
  7. LICEcap – free screen recording tool
  8. Distraction-Free Video Sharing for YouTube
  9. Open Broadcaster Software | OBS
  10. OpenShot Video Editor | Free, Open, and Award-Winning Video Editor for Linux, Mac, and Windows!
  11. RecordScreen.io
  12. Create – Make & edit videos the easy way
  13. iTube Studio – The Quickest Way To Download Your Favorite YouTube Videos
  14. vidIQ | More Views, Less Time
  15. ‎Clipomatic – Text on videos
  16. Custom LCD Video Mailer | videoCARD
  17. Proficonf – Ultimate video conferencing solution

Apps & Chatbots

  1. Glide – Amazing apps from Google Sheets
  2. Hybrid Chat — Chatbots built with spreadsheets
  3. The smart way to build apps
  4. Infanywhere – Platform to build custom online database applications without programming

Marketing & Email Tools 

  1. Moosend: Email Marketing Automation Platform for Thriving Businesses
  2. SendingBee: Awesome email marketing
  3. Mailmust – Reliable and Affordable Email Marketing Platform
  4. Fast Poll – Create your real-time poll for free
  5. AlsoAsked – Discover and visualise the questions people are asking
  6. Simplify Gmail
  7. Darwin Mail
  8. Easily unsubscribe from unwanted emails – Leave Me Alone
  9. MergeMail – Send mass emails using Gmail and Google Sheets
  10. Wkly – Send newsletters using the content you already share
  11. The smart way to create marketing documents that work

Slides, Presentations & DataViz

  1. Dialogloop enables polls, word clouds and surveys in PowerPoint
  2. iSlide – Make PowerPoint Design Easy
  3. Split PowerPoint Animations Into Separate Slides
  4. Insightful Presentations | Online Presentation Platform
  5. Datawrapper – Enrich your stories with charts, maps and tables.
  6. Chart Maker for busy people | Chartify
  7. MapInSeconds.com

Online Presence / Websites

  1. Take Your Business Online with Ease: Create Your Website with Mozello
  2. Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything
  3. Gridify – Create your personal website connecting all of your accounts
  4. Free Website Builder – Mailchimp
  5. How to Write an Awesome About Me Page with examples!
  6. GitHub personal website generator


  1. Google Earth Studio
  2. Voicepods – Not Your Average Text to Speech Tool
  3. Push to GSheet – Bearer community
  4. FreeText AI – Extract meaning from free-flowing text
  5. Cozi – surprisingly simple family organizer
  6. Squiqr – Easiest way to share contact info from your phone to someone else’s phone
  7. iLovePDF | Online PDF tools for PDF lovers
  8. Guidiance – easily train employees
  9. LottaTools – great collection of free browser tools
  10. Alexa for Business – Blueprints
  11. horbito NOVA – The browser of the neoworkers
  12. Flow – Thoughts from the Flow Team
  13. Next generation music production software
  14. Hittly Start a community for your users
  15. Organize your family life, chores, and events with Fammle
  16. forghetti — Password Management — Forget your passwords. Forever.
  17. The browser for responsive web development and design
  18. the text message learning platform
  19. manage Call for Papers, Speakers and Agenda
  20. Feedello | Your Feeds And Podcasts In One Place

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