Friday Finds | November 3, 2017

It has been a very rich week around here. In addition to all the Halloween candy, we’ve got a lot of great stuff for presenters, training pros and other types of digital workers.

59 Theses For the Future of Work

Mathias Vermeulen surfaced this article containing 59 theses for the future of work. These are propositions that will give you some thoughts as the ongoing conversation takes place on the future of work, organizations, people and their happiness.

A key takeaway:
“Sustainable organizations put employees first”

Learning objectives are like metadata – useful but best left unseen



Viv Cole (@Viv_Cole) takes a questioning look at learning objectives by tapping into so valuable thoughts and information from Will Thalheimer’s overview of scientific research on learning objectives and Clive Sheppard’s Love-hate relationship with them. I like the general point that if you are presenting them to your audience, you should at least steal a trick from marketers and make them interesting/appealing instead of using a dry, boring bullet list.

What are your thoughts on learning objectives? How do you use them in your work?

Working Out Loud to Build Skills & Relationships

John Stepper’s (@johnstepper) Working Out Loud is a collaborative approach to building new skills and relationships through what he calls Work Out Loud Circles. This is a good conversation that explores the experience of some L&D pros (Ross Garner – @RossGarnerGP, Mike Collins – @Community_Mike, Ady Howes – @AdyHowes, Chris Coladonato – @ChrisCola, Hannah Wysome – @quinnite and Sam Burrough – @Burrough) as they made their way through a WOL Circle’s series of twelve weekly meetings and activities.

How to Create Personalized Documents from a Google Spreadsheet in Minutes


I’m continually finding fewer and fewer reasons for  opening Microsoft Word ever again. The latest nail in that coffin is this time-saving jewel from Amit Agarwal’s (@labnol) Digital Inspiration site that adds powerful mail-merge features to Google Docs and Sheets.

With Document Studio, you can create documents and reports using merge data stored inside Google Sheets, dynamically create documents from live data submitted via Google Forms, and automatically send them in personalized email messages using built-in Mail Merge.

There are tons of uses for this including invoices, completion certificates, pre- and post-workshop reminders, and about a bazillion other things.

Up Your Curation Game With ZEEF

At some point, almost everyone can benefit from adding value to others by curating a set of helpful resources. This week I shared a few of the things that make ZEEF my favorite tool for this.

Are you using anything different for this task? How does it compare?

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Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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