Friday Finds | November 17, 2017

Best of Learning, Technology & Social Media for trainers, instructional designers and other digital workers

As Thanksgiving approaches here in the US, I hope you’ll join me in appreciating the many things we have to be grateful for.  There was such a cornucopia of great things to share this week it was a tough job deciding which ones to include. Except for this first one. That’s a no-brainer…and by far the thing I’m most grateful for every day of the year!

What’s the organizing principle of today’s digital workplace?

Community expert Rachel Happe (@RachelHappe)shared this article by Dion Hinchcliffe (@dhinchcliffe) which is a nice way of thinking about how to organize the digital workplace and manage digital transformation.

This Will Revolutionize Education

Motion pictures,  radio, television, computers and more. Over the years, many technologies have promised to revolutionize education, but so far none of them have been able to do it. This video by Derek Muller (@veritasium) is a brief exploration into what could revolutionize education?  

When it comes to learning, it’s not the technology but how you use it that matters most.

Learning Technologies: What Managers Really Think

Learning Technologies: What Managers Really Think

The third in a series by Good Practice, this report aims to answer key questions about managers perceptions of learning technologies. Check it out to gain some insights into what managers think of mobile learning, their openness to various mediums and more.  For an even deeper dive, join the conversation via the #gpwrmt hashtag.

No One Knows What the F*** They’re Doing (or “The 3 Types of Knowledge”)

No One Knows What the F*** They’re Doing (or “The 3 Types of Knowledge”)

This reassuring message from Steve Schwartz is one I think most of us can identify with. I know I sure can.

Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform

How to Share Elearning Courses Using Google Cloud Platform

When Dropbox and Google Drive retired they web hosting services, a lot of e-learning pros were scrambling to find a cost-effective way to share their e-learning courses with others. This week I kicked the tires on a free (or low-cost) option that may be new to many of you – Google Cloud Platform. Check out this post to walk through the entire process – from creating an account to uploading and sharing your files and e-learning courses. (Don’t worry. It is really easy!)

Happening Hashtags

Learning Technologies: What Managers Really Think

This is hashtag will transport you into a rich conversation related to the new Good Practice (@GoodPractice) report mentioned above.

LD Insight

Lead by Martin Couzins (@martincouzins), Sukh Pabial (@sukhpabial) and Debbie Carter (LinkedIn), this community of learning professionals, comes together to grow the capabilities, thinking & development of the profession every Friday 8am GMT.  You can also plugin via the LD Insight LinkedIn group

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